Helping your child through emotional and behavioural difficulties.

Sandra Moyles is a Play Therapist working in a private practice and is based in Galway, Ireland.

If you have any concerns for your child in areas such as emotional and behavioural issues, anger management, anxieties and fears, parental separation, abuse and neglect, trauma, nightmares, bereavement and loss, low self-esteem, communication difficulties, bullying, delayed or uneven development, learning disabilities autistic spectrum, under performing (academically, socially or physically), or adoption/ fostering issues, Play Therapy could be the answer.

Creating a trusting relationship in a safe environment which facilitates communication, play therapy children enter into a dynamic and fun relationship with the therapist where they can easily express themselves, explore their feelings, and make sense of their world.

Children use play as their first form of communication as they often don’t have the words to describe how they are feeling. Experience and research shows that children will naturally choose the relevant materials that will help them work on their difficulties. Play therapy is a completely safe and natural therapy to help the child move forward.

 Services Available

BalloonsOne to one play therapy sessions

BalloonsParent consultation on a particular difficulty

BalloonsFilial Play Therapy - Strengthening Parent-Child Relationships Through Play

BalloonsSandplay Therapy

BalloonsTheraplay - Attachment Based Play

BalloonsCreative parenting workshops

BalloonsAvailable to work with children in primary schools and in group settings.  

 Testimonials Galway Play Therapy

Galway Play TherapyMy daughter attended play therapy after being bullied in school, losing all her confidence and getting very anxious. Sandra helped her to get rid of her fears, making her a more confident and happier child who loves going to school again. - SL, Mayo

Galway Play TherapyMy Kids LOVE Sandra. They look forward to their weekly sessions with great anticipation. They enjoy the attention and fun with a safe grown up. Play Therapy has mirrored to me how little fun I was having with them and has inspired me to prioritise. It has also showed me how to take the spotlight off my own issues and move more into the world of the child. Having Sandra has been very supportive to me as a mother, during a time of change and grief. I was deeply concerned that I was failing my children and Sandra's gentle guidance and listening was like a beacon - it helped keep me on track and showed me that what I was doing was just fine for the most part, and supported me to find another way when necessary. My only reservation was that I wouldn't be privy to what happened in the sessions apart from general themes. On further contemplation I figured that I can never fully know the content of my Children's lives and therefore decided to embrace the support that Play Therapy could offer - it provides about as good a place as possible to relinquish some control. It wasn't always easy as my ego tried to get in the way. What I have found is that the pros far far outweigh the cons. Play Therapy provides a lightening to the precious but sometimes heavy responsibility that is parenting. - F, Galway 

Galway Play TherapyOur son aged 8 was having huge difficulties coming to terms with the separation of his mum and myself. He became very angry at everyone and became very difficult to manage. Some days he was very angry and other times he would be very sad and withdrawn. We became very worried about him and decided to send him to Sandra Moyles for Play Therapy sessions to help him deal with his emotions and fears around our separation. After a number of sessions he is now much happier in himself, more confident and seems to have got his ‘mojo’ back!  He now talks much more easily about how he feels which makes it so much easier for us to help him. We are delighted that there is help out there for our son while he is trying to come to terms with his new family situation. - T & O, Galway

 Galway Play TherapyThe Play Therapy programme from Sandra Moyles has made a big difference to our Child's development. She is now much better able to control her emotions and express her feelings. We are very pleased that she is doing so well. Play Therapy has greatly assisted her. - RJ, Galway

Galway Play TherapyI think that one of the significant things that play therapy with Sandra Moyles has given my son is an inner understanding that when/if events take place which trigger a lot of intense emotion for him, anger, confusion or a sort of internal crisis that there is a really lovely and safe place where he can go to if he needs extra help to deal with how he is feeling at such times, independent of myself or other family members. My son has come too really like Sandra and has benefited enormously from the wonderful facility that she provides. He relishes his visits to Play Therapy or as we now call it trips to the 'Magical Play Room'!! I feel that the skills my son is learning through Play Therapy are ones which are helping to cultivate a deep foundation for self awareness, clarity and confidence, inner calm and overall wellbeing for his future. - Sorcha, Galway